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Revelwood's Wildlife Captured While We're Away
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About the Revelwood Cam

We installed our trail cam at the very beginning of 2016 and struck gold immediately. We captured both a gray fox and a bobcat on our first download about a week later.

We moved the camera to a second location in February, but after a few weeks we hadn’t a single wildlife shot. So we moved it again. The third spot proved popular with the smaller critters– cottontails, Merriam’s chipmunks, scrub jays, etc.

After a few weeks of the same ol’ rabbit wandering back and forth, we moved it yet again. The fourth location is apparently where the deer have been hanging out. On our first download we had thousands of shots of the same two deer who basically spent the entire night in front of the camera. Shots of them grazing, scratching, spooking, lying, standing over, and over and over.

We moved the camera again, haven’t checked it yet…