A Bigger Backyard

A Bigger Backyard

This is certainly not the first website I’ve designed and implemented. I’ve been doing that since the nineties. Seriously. I think I bought my first domain in ’98 and I had an AOL (there’s a blast from the past) page before that.

Martin came to me with the idea for this blog on May 16, 2016. Two days later we had finalized our name, purchased a domain, and were discussing what we wanted to accomplish with the whole project.

As the one with all the website experience, and no day job to distract me I took on the huge responsibility of getting the website up and running. We gave ourselves deadline of only three weeks.

Although the site has already launched, there’s still a lot of stuff I’m working on. Mostly small tweaks, a few bugs, a few features that aren’t quite where I want them to be, and also a bunch of stuff on the back-end that you, our devoted readers, never see, but will streamline our blogging endeavors.

And of course, the updating will continue, but that’s not part of this “project”.

The Plan

Design and implement a beautiful and functional website to house our blog and give us the flexibility to expand in the future.


Most of the heavy lifting is Done, but there’s plenty of tweaking yet to do while we figure out what works for us and what doesn’t.

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