We put pavers from our back door to the chicken yard, with a branch over to the side garden, and now we think it needs a vertical element to make it more interesting. A pergola would look nice over the path, and would be a great place to transplant our grapes.

The Plan

Put an arch across the path and replace surrounding grass with low water plants and relocated grape vines. Convert sprinklers currently in place to drip irrigation.

Many pergola plans exist on the internet, so we’ll find/adapt one that suits the area and can reuse some of our scrap wood.


  • 4 10’ pressure treated 4×4’s

  • 2 8’ redwood 1×4’s

  • 2 8’ redwood 1×2’s

  • 5 8’ redwood 2×2’s

  • Assorted 1×1’s we already had on hand (used for the side lattices as grape trellis)

  • Handful of deck screws

    Total cost, under $120


Complete! The project pic shows the final product after 18 months.

We didn’t realize how much moisture comes down from our covered patio, even when we don’t get a full rain. You can see how much the grapes enjoy it!

Progress 0%

Project History

Complete! It really makes a difference in the Burbstead and we’re glad we took the time to do it.

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