Learning to start your chainsaw, again

Every time I use the chainsaw, I’m amazed at the progress I can make in a very short time. Dead trees that have blocked access to parts of the property disappear in an afternoon like they were never there. The work goes so quickly that I only need to use it every few months, and that’s where the problem comes in….I can never remember how to start the thing.

After that happened again this weekend, I came up with a foolproof strategy that should work every time. I have a Stihl MS250, but this will work for any model chainsaw from any manufacturer.

  1. Pull fruitlessly on the starter rope. You won’t start it with this step, so just pull enough to feel like you tried.
  2. Move any levels, switches, or tabs that look like they might help
  3. Repeat step one.
  4. Open Youtube on your phone
  5. Search for the same video that you watched last time (hey, you know it works…)
  6. Start the chainsaw according to the directions in the video. It should take almost no time at all, and the steps will seem so clear and obvious there’s no need to commit them to long term memory

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