Project “raise the coop” is complete

While the weather in SoCal is generally wonderful, summer is still not the greatest time for projects. Weeks go past without any work at Revelwood, which is difficult when there’s so much to do. Fortunately there’s plenty to do at the Burbstead, and it’s a lot easier to take advantage of a cool morning in your backyard than 90 minutes away in the mountains.

If you check out the project page, you’ll see Project Coop Raising is complete. We were having a problem with gophers under the coop, and the dogs digging, barking, and carrying on about it. We also removed the roof and added some hardware cloth (predator and rodent proof wire mesh) to keep anything from nesting up top.

We were really happy with the coop when we first first finished it, but over the last couple of years we’ve learned a lot about chickens and what we should have done differently. That’s the sort of lesson that makes it easier to live with slow progress on Revelwood, even if we want to dive in and start doing things right this second.




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