Trail Cam Review

From the very start we spotted signs of wildlife all around Revelwood. From the deer and wild turkeys on our numerous drives to the area, to spoor and tracks on the property itself. Since we’re not there all the time we knew we were missing out on most of the good sightings. After talking to our neighbors that live in the woods full time, we knew a trail cam would be the perfect gift for our first Christmas as budding homesteaders.

We didn’t know anything about using a trail cam, so Martin did some research on hunting sites and Amazon, looking especially at low light performance, fast trigger speed, and burst mode. In the price range we set (not much more than $100), the Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo looked like the best deal.

These pictures were all taken by the Stealth Cam on our property.

After six months of use, here’s what we like about it:

  • Great pics in low and no light
  • An infrared flash that doesn’t spook the animals
  • About 10,000 pics on 8 AA batteries.

Plus, it has a port for an external power adapter, in case you’re near an outlet, and a universal mount for a tripod (not included) if you aren’t able to use the included strap for mounting it on a tree or post. It’s very easy to change the SD card used for storing pics. We use two cards so we can swap them out and look at the pics once we get home.

We haven’t explored all of the features of the trail cam, like the different settings for burst modes or video modes. We just use the default setting which takes three quick pics and then waits 30 seconds.

We’ve been quite pleased with quality of the shots, battery life, and feel it was a deal at the price we paid.

Our Rating: ★★★★★

We researched and purchased this item on our own, without any compensation or consideration for this review.
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