Building a Pergola

One of the goals of any project in our suburban backyard (even something like a Pergola) is to replace more of the irrigated lawn. We love to tear out sod.

The chicken coop and run replaced a large, irrigated section along the back fence. Another section was replaced by a lasagna garden (layers of cardboard, newspaper, and mulch we’ll cover in a later article). At that point, we realized we could install a new path between all three spaces. It would leave two square sections of grass between the back door and the coop entrance that would beg to be replaced with drip-irrigated plants.

The completed path was functional and looked nice, but now we wanted to break up the stretch between the house and chicken yard with something vertical. I don’t remember exactly how we thought of building a pergola, but it started to sound like the perfect solution. It would break up the fence line and give us a structure for our grapes, which were not doing well where we had them at the time.

We pinned a few DIY pergola plans we used for inspiration on our Pinterest page. We didn’t use any of them exactly, because we were reusing leftover wood. Also Martin’s creative measuring added a personal touch to the design. 18 months later our grapes are really happy!

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