Three acres of land

Three Acres

Our future homestead

In 2015 we purchased a three acre lot in an off grid
community East of San Diego. We affectionately call
the place "Revelwood" after the grove of old oak trees
that miraculously survived the devastating Cedar Fire
that ravaged the area in 2003.

Someday we're going to live here


Two Middle-Aged Nerds

Ready for something new

Not that long ago you were more likely to spot us at
comic convention than a class on bee-keeping.
Now the odds have moved in the opposite direction.
We're still the same old nerds, but our plan for the
future has experienced a paradigm shift toward a
life less urban.

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One Dream

To Change Our Lives

We've got a lot of work to do to get ourselves and
our land ready for the big switch. These suburbanites
are taking it off-grid to live as self-sufficient and as
sustainable as we can.

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The Burbstead

Our suburban homestead is located in Northern San Diego County. We started with a typical backyard with ornamental plantings and a lot of lawn. We’ve converted more than half of the lawn to garden area and chicken yard.  We’ve added a small pond where we grow duckweed for the chickens, which houses three fantail goldfish that keep mosquitoes from breeding. Our focus is on perennial plantings but I also have four raised beds for the kitchen garden that provide an assortment of veggies including tomatoes, beets, cucumbers and peppers.


Our home away from home and future homestead is located in the mountains east of San Diego near Julian, an old mining town famous for it’s apple pies and occasional snow storms.

The area is completely off-grid, but neither isolated nor remote. Minimal infrastructure is in place– we have a dirt driveway, a well (no pump yet,) a leveled area for camping, and a fire ring. Stay tuned as we work this land into shape using permaculture principles, and hopefully soon, build ourselves a home.

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